7 Custom Software Development Trends Every Business Should Know

Simon Frey

When it comes to any sector of IT, the world is changing at the speed of light. One small delay could mean a huge fall behind.

Software development is not an exception. Developers all over the world are spending long hours sifting through new options and coming up with innovations.

Choosing custom software development is a big step for each company. The time, money, and effort invested in the endeavor are formidable. That’s why many business owners make their own research to ensure their decision is correct.

In this article, we’ll share the latest custom software development trends every business owner should find useful.

1. AI-Ready Software

Artificial intelligence is becoming an integral part of running many businesses. Meanwhile, the technologies that work with AI are changing at the speed of light. They are often playing a crucial role in business development and growth.

That’s why any custom software designed for a business should either be using AI for the current needs or be AI-ready.

Custom software is often demanded when numerous processes need to be automated. AI does just that and more. Integrating AI allows improving the value of a company and helps drive client experience in a digital manner.

If you aren’t using AI for your company needs just yet, considering doing it. If none of such needs exist, make sure the custom software you are getting is AI-ready.

2. VR + AR

The combination of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is called “mixed reality. According to Statista, the mixed reality market is expected to reach $3.7 billion by 2025.

In the past years, the use of augmented reality for promotional efforts has been growing. The credit for the growth goes to smartphone applications.

The popularity of these digital devices is the reason why many companies are considering the development of AR apps. The best part about AR (vs. VR) is that no special hardware is required to take advantage of it. If the client has a smartphone, he or she can use the app.

AR apps can be used for marketing efforts, training, and customer service improvement. Do you have an AR application for your company?

3. Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) involves connecting different devices to the internet. From air purifiers to entire houses, the possibilities of this niche are endless. Numerous businesses may take advantage of IoT software for their purposes, especially in the area of customer experience improvement.

Thousands of devices are connecting to the internet every day. Accordingly, the reach of IoT apps is increasing regularly. The majority of cars are expected to be IoT-enabled next year. As the number and diversity of such devices are growing, it’s important to consider this opportunity for business development.

4. Cybersecurity

The importance of figuring out new ways to keep the information safe can’t be underestimated. As new technologies appear, data leakage and information loss remain the highest concert of software developers.

As you opt for custom software development, you are decreasing the chances of your data being lost or stolen. However, threats to data privacy still exist. Companies are constantly looking for new solutions to improve software security.

Cybersecurity has been on the top-10 list of software development trends for years. And it doesn’t seem to be going away. Developers all over the world are working hard to protect their software from loopholes.

5. Cross-Platform Development

Just a couple of years ago, developing software for only one platform was the standard reality. Today, cross-platform development is taking a stand. Business owners don’t need to think about the platform they are using to take advantage of the new apps anymore.

Software developers used to create an app for one platform and then come up with another version for another platform. It was tough and time-consuming.

Today, developers are taking advantage of cross-platform development tools, which allow them to create products for several platforms simultaneously.

So if you are facing an offer for software that only works on one platform, think twice before accepting it.

6. Blockchain

Everyone has heard about bitcoin. The technology behind it is blockchain, and it’s much more important for business growth than cryptocurrencies. The best part about blockchain is that it’s decentralized and transparent. It’s possible to store information with only a minuscule chance of loss.

Blockchain is one of the latest trends, which software developers are working hard with. The uses of such technology seem to be endless. So business owners are considering blockchain-based software for their companies.

7. Continuous Deployment and Delivery

Software development cycles are time-consuming and often frustrating. New features and fixes were often part of one release so users had to wait for the new update to be put together and become available for download. Since such updates took a long time to appear, hackers got the extra opportunity to take advantage of loopholes.

Today, continuous deployment and delivery take care of that problem. They create software using shorter cycles so the user can get an update as soon as it appears. The goal of these approaches is to bring the software to the client quickly. As soon as something is ready to be implemented, it becomes available for use.

Final Thoughts

As a business owner, you can take a brief look at the above trends and keep them in mind when hiring a software development team. Know which questions to ask to ensure you are taking advantage of the latest custom software development options.

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